A Jeep Full of Goodies and a Story of 2 Nightstands

Friday started out with a great garage sale. If that was the only sale for the entire weekend, I would have been content. There were great items and great prices! A combo that I love.  I will share with you today the finds from that one garage sale that resulted in a jeep full of goodies. Then tomorrow I will reveal the 2 pickup loads of stuff from a 8,000 square foot warehouse mega estate sale.

So without further ado I will let the photos tell the story!

Both of these items are fairly new but won’t they be
great in our beach home. 

Two stools to paint and sell and the white one might even be fine as is. A
cool old Swifts Brookfield cheese box. A couple of wicker doll chairs, a cute
cat planter, a pair of vintage salt & pepper shakers, a Shawnee pink planter with sticker
on it. Two green floats found on the Oregon coast and they will be going to their
new home their at our beach place and a newer blue float that will
probably go too. Also a cool old wood card table.

A cool old Mission footstool. I will leave the upholstery but will sand and
then put new stain on the wood portions. 
A cute red rocker, a shelf piece to paint and a cute
vintage wood doll highchair.
3 cute reproduction trikes, a doll chair and a knickknack shelf.

Now for the story of 2 nightstands. You may remember them from here.

They had a horrible paint job! But the price was reasonable so I bought them.

Here they were this morning in front of Red Door Antiques in Canby before
I put them in my booth. I painted them with Annie Sloan Old Ochre paint
and then waxed them after minor distressing.

I liked their shape.
I stacked them on top of each other to save room.

Imagine my surprise when they sold in less than 1/2 hour! Now I have to take some more things
tomorrow. I am not complaining though.  The lady also bought a sewing 2 drawer stool/stand that I showed you here.

2 drawer sewing stand/stool.

Thank you for stopping by my blog this week. I hope you all have great adventures junking and treasure hunting and finding great vintage items to love. If you ever see something you would love to buy, please let me know.