A New Truck, a VW for Me and Vintage Finds

I just finished 4 days of parties, a school program, a church program and a day of shopping! I now need to catch up. I planned on showing the easy gift ideas before now but stay tuned, they should be up tomorrow or Thursday. In the meantime, I did squeeze in one trip to a sale. The man holding it used to sell on ebay and had a ton of stuff. I wish I could have went back another day but there was never any time.

So I found me a new truck! I love my vintage trucks and this one will be great for displays. It is just 9 1/2″ long and a perfect size to haul bottle brush trees, elves, etc. I think it might be from the late 1950s or early 1960s but not sure.

It is a dump truck! I love that about this truck.

I also found a small Midge VW in a great green color.

Love this color of green Volkswagen!

I found a few small toys that I thought were fun.

2 plastic covered wagons and a vintage sand shovel.

There were a few Christmas items but a lot were newer. I guess that he had sold a ton of stuff before I got there in the late afternoon.

I love the graphics on vintage Christmas packaging. Also a cute little bell
that reads Tidings.
I liked that this was marked Sprouse-Reitz Co., Inc. Portland, Oregon. We
used to have a Sprouse store in our little town.

I never say no to bottle brush trees.

He had an old medicine cabinet filled with the types of things you would find in one. I found a few items that weren’t too badly rusted.

Mendets are great items that were used to mend graniteware, aluminum, hot water bags, cooking utensils, rubber goods, sheet iron, tin, copper and brass. It said a half million sold each week. They can be applied by a child, not affected by heat and will fit any surface and outlasts any article mended. Those are some pretty amazing facts for these little guys. You may have seen them on a piece of graniteware and not realized what they were. This box contained 3 mendets, the wrench and the instruction sheet. A pretty amazing find!

Another very interesting find was the Kewtie razor set. I have seen Kewtie razors but not in the box complete. This was scientifically designed for women and removes hair from legs and arms and useful for shaping eyebrows. The box says it will give a perfect under-arm shave. This little cutie  Kewtie razor is just 1 1/2″ in length!

When I got home I was looking through my loot and opened the Rexall Quick Bands (bandages). Imagine my surprise when I found an unused Cutter’s Snake Kit inside! Included is a small vial of antiseptic, a string, directions, a blade, and the inner rubber part can be used on a fingers or shims.

The last things I bought were 2 small woodworking planes. The larger one is 5″ and I can’t find any markings on it. The small one is just 3 3/4″ and is marked x-acto.

Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas season! Here’s to hoping you have success in finding treasures but most of all have fun along the way!

Wishing you many blessings,