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Vintage Junk Treasures #21

I tend to hibernate in January and February so haven’t been out buying. Mr. Deanie got up early on Friday and found some treasures at an estate sale. So sit back and look at a few of our recent vintage junk treasures that we have found.   Mr. Deanie found these 2 vintage Kodak cameras.   Read More Here ….

A Fabulous Planner on a Thrifty Budget

Previously, I explained how I became more organized using a paper planner vs electronics. I love to be able to cross out things on my to do list or to doodle ideas which I couldn’t do on my electronics.  Now today I want to show you how anyone can have their own planner no matter what Read More Here ….

Why I Ditched Electronics For a Planner and Became More Organized

Why I Dumped Electronics for Pen & Paper In today’s age so many people rely on their smart phone, tablet or computer. Now I am not immune to using these either as I cannot live without my smart phone, iPad or laptop. So for the last few years I have tried keeping a calendar and to Read More Here ….