Easiest Method Ever to Speckle Faux Easter Eggs

Today I want to show you the easiest method ever to speckle faux Easter eggs. I have seen this on the internet for hard boiled eggs but I haven’t seen it used for fake eggs. So today we will show you what we found worked and didn’t work as well. 


Step One:

Find some dyeable faux (fake) Easter eggs. We found a few cartons of them at Walmart a few years ago after Easter. They are some type of plastic that is made to decorate or dye. Update: Just tried speckling some foam eggs from Dollar Tree with this method and it worked! See the photo at the end.

Step Two:  Supplies

  1. Rice
  2. Zipper Top Bags or Containers with Lid
  3. Food Coloring – we tried 2 types.

Step Three:

  1. Place about 1 cup uncooked rice into a zipper topped plastic bag. We tried using a plastic container with a lid and did not like the results as well as using the plastic bag.

Now place a few drops of food coloring into the bag. Then shake the sealed bag until the rice is evenly colored. We used gel food colors and it resulted in much brighter colors and we did not need as many drops. We also used the standard food coloring and it took more drops to get a color that was not light.

Gel type which we preferred to use.

Regular food dye that resulted in much lighter colors and we used lots more drops to get a color.


We found one perk to using the bags over the containers was you could roll the rice around to help coat it. Roll the sealed bag around on the table and that helps coat the rice pieces.

Step Four:

Place your white egg into the rice bag and start shaking. You can also roll it around on the table inside the sealed bag. It will give you a slightly different pattern than the shaking.

Here is a container we used with a lid. We found it took more shaking to speckle than using the bags.


Here are the rice bags we used to speckle several dozens of eggs.

 You can see in the closest bag there are several colors. That was our dear granddaughter’s idea to get a tie-dyed type of speckles. She squeezed different colors into different spots on the rice. Do not squeeze one color onto another. Then after she had done that, she zipped up the bag. After shaking it she tried her white egg in it and got the results you see below.

Here you can see several of the eggs using the rice with several drops of color in it. The result is a multi-colored speckled egg.

The two grandkids loved doing this method for making speckled faux Easter eggs

and the results were different each time.

Here are some of the eggs dyed by Red (aka our grandson)

These are some of the eggs dyed by me.


These eggs were dyed by dear Miss H aka our granddaughter. She loves the one in the far right back corner. She likes the modern art look.

Here is one of the foam dyed eggs and it worked perfectly!! This is a cheaper alternative to some of the other eggs.

I also tried simply dying these eggs with vinegar and the food gel dyes and with teabags. I used hot water but they took longer to take the color than a hard boiled egg. The blue one below was using the food color gel and the other two were using teabags.

I hope you will try this easiest method ever to speckle faux Easter eggs.  Thank you so much for reading this far! I really appreciate it.

Wishing you all a great time making items and especially with loved ones. You are making some precious memories.

Wishing you many blessings in 2017.


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