Freaky Friday No. 2 or What Have I Found??

Today was a gorgeous sunny fall day here in Oregon. Fall is my favorite season because I like the cool evenings and the gorgeous leaves. Fall makes me want to get my house cozy & in order before cold weather sets in. Does the cool weather make you want to cozy up your house?  Here is my second edition of Freaky Friday with 3 strange printed items that I have found recently.

The first is a recipe I will share from a little booklet titled: The Home Bartender, A Book with a Wealth of Information, Over 400 Recipes, by John F. Driscoll, 1933. It goes on to say that the author of this book is an old timer and well experienced in his profession. From the booklet is a recipe for the quick cure for intoxication.  All I can say is, YUCK! I cannot imagine anyone recommending this cure today.

Next I will share an amusing but weird advertisement found in Woman and Home Magazine, April 1935. Who knew the cure for naughty children was in a bottle! 

The third is an advertisement from The Delineator magazine dated 1899. I think it says it all. It cures all hair woes! Wonder why they don’t make it any more??

Hopefully these finds will make you giggle or laugh out loud. Happy junk treasure hunting!