About Me

If you love the adventure of finding vintage items, you will feel right at home here. I love vintage items because of their patina, their story and their usefulness. The nostalgia that vintage items evokes is something you can’t find in a new retail store. I will be sharing with you tips on painting, repairing, organizing, how to be a better vendor, items to resell, crafts and DIY tutorials. I will also share how I use vintage items in my house.

Weekly I will share the vintage treasures that I have found and my screwball adventures as a vintage junk treasure hunter. My heart beats faster when I see estate sales, garage sales, thrifts and “good junk” along the road. I keep some of the vintage & “junk” but I also share them with the world through my reselling. I clean, repair, paint, mend and/or  restore the vintage treasures, if need be, before they go to their new homes. I like to find new uses for junk and enjoy repurposing. I sometimes think my life is I Love Lucy does thrifting and garage sales. My hope is that I can make you smile and even laugh as you come along with me on my adventures. My motto is one girl’s junk is another  girl’s treasure thus junk treasure hunting.

I am a vendor at Red Door Antiques in Canby, OR and a vendor at Haven Antiques in Oregon City, OR. If you are in the area I hope to get to meet you.

Mr. Deanie (aka dear husband) came up with the name – Deanie’s Stash for my blog. Deanie was my nickname when I was young and I am always stashing more “stuff” at home that I have found or bought.

I grew up on a dairy farm in Oregon and my grandma was my inspiration for DIY. She was a DIYer before people talked about DIY. My grandma was known for building small pieces of furniture and repurposing items such as old radio cabinets into book shelves. My mother is also a DIYer so I learned from the best. Mr. Deanie and I are hazelnut (filbert) farmers. My husband and I have always been country folk.

I have 2 little partners-in-training in seeking vintage treasures. They are my grandchildren; Miss H age 10 and Red a rambunctious red-headed 7 year old boy.

We are a family of Believers.

Thank you for stopping by.

Wishing you many blessings.