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Vintage Junk Treasures #26

Welcome back to another edition of vintage junk treasures. Two weeks ago we spent the weekend on the Oregon coast and went to 2 estate sales. We found some good stuff which I want to share with you today. Mr. Deanie again gets a lot of credit as he went to one of them before Read More Here ….

Estate Sale – Very Old Stash Revisited & Vintage Treasures

Last year I showed you a lot of items I found here. Most of the items being sold were from the lady of the house who is now 100 1/2. Some of the items were her parents. Recently they had another sale. Most of the items were the 100 year old lady’s but a few Read More Here ….

Recreational Parking, A Luau, Estate Sale & More!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! We went to the coast on Thursday and came back last night. Our daughter, husband and two grands went along. We did “Recreational Parking”. I heard that term once for people who go camping in an RV. Lol! We are done with camping in a tent as it Read More Here ….

Hoarders Estate Sale Part 2 – The Other Stuff I Brought Home

I promised I would be back to show you the rest of what I drug brought home from the hoarder’s estate sale 2 weeks ago. I realized after I took all of the photos that there were a few things that were already put away. We bought an old dresser for parts, oak plywood sheets, boards, Read More Here ….

Hoarder’s Estate Sale Part 1 – What I Found

Here is part one of the promised post on the estate sale of a hoarder. It was dirty and not only packed with stuff but packed with shoppers. I am lucky I got to buy as much as I did as it was one where people grabbed and made huge huge piles. Like I mentioned Read More Here ….

Lucky Suitcase, Drawers, Shiny Brites & More

Just a quick update – I still have my gallbladder. The doctor’s office reported to me that the ultrasound and blood tests were normal. I said – Really? Then I asked if the ultrasound tech wrote on the report that it was very painful for me when she pressed in my gallbladder/stomach area and that Read More Here ….

The Junk Enabler & Vintage Finds

I only went to one sale this weekend. Mr. DS went along when I asked him if he wanted to go with me. We went about an hour before it closed. Of course, things had been picked over but the plus was that things were half price. Now Mr. DS grumbles sometimes about all the Read More Here ….

Freaky Friday No. 5 or What Was I Thinking?

I cannot believe it is Friday again. LOL! I told someone last night that the weeks will be going much faster now as we head towards the end of the year.   I have 2 unusual books to share with you for Freaky Friday and a weird item that made me say what the marshmallow was Read More Here ….

Freaky Friday No. 3 or What Have I Found?

On Fridays I am going to share something unusual that I have found at the thrifts, garage sales or estate sales. Sometimes it is just crazy and sometimes it is EEEWW! Today I have 3 interesting things to share with you. The first are 2 items that I found at an estate sale.  The Eatonics Read More Here ….

Another UFO and Junk Treasures

This weekend was sunny and I love sunny fall days with all the colorful leaves.  I only went to 2 estate sales and one garage sale. I went on the second day of each so there was not as much to choose from. I did find some junk treasures. The first photo is from an Read More Here ….