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Word of the Year is Organization – A Thrift Store Quick-Over

If I was to choose one word for 2017 it would be organization. I took a little break from the blog to start working on my goal of becoming totally over the top organized. Organization of the entire house, containers and shop are in order. I hate it when some tools are in one building, some tools in Read More Here ….

One Drawer Project Equals Three Storage Box Drawers

Today I want to show you my newest drawer project. Whenever I see single drawers for a reasonable price, I buy them. If you search Pinterest or surf the web you will see there are many ways you can repurpose a drawer. I have made shelves out of them and they sold well. I said to Mr. Read More Here ….

Almost Instant Kitchen Recycling Center

I love my kitchen. We purchased this house from my mother-in-law and the kitchen had been totally remodeled a few years prior to us buying the house. As much as I love my kitchen sadly there was one thing that it lacked that I wanted. A place to stash my recyclables and a place to Read More Here ….