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Estate Sale Find to Sewing Room Organizer – A Quick-Over

In my last post I promised to share an estate sale find that Mr. Deanie did a Quick-Over on to help me organize my sewing room/office. I use this room for sewing, crafting and as an office.  The before of the corner of the counter was not horrible.   This was the corner of my long counter Read More Here ….

The Reveal! The Newly Restyled Sewing Craft Room Studio

I started to think I would never get this room under control! As you may remember a few weeks ago I was saying I needed a sherpa to guide me through my sewing room. It was so full you could hardly maneuver through it. I have finally revamped it and organized it. It is great Read More Here ….

Garage Sale Goodies and a Sneak Preview of the Sewing Craft Room Progress

I wish I was showing you a finished sewing/craft room. I thought it would be a snap and I’d have it all done. I know you all thought I would, didn’t you? But when I saw what came out of there, it is scary! It won’t all fit back in there. Right now stuff is Read More Here ….

In Need of a Sherpa! I’ve Got the Maps and 1 Year Blog Anniversary

One year ago today, on October 6th I began this blog, Deanie’s Stash. I just started writing my blog that day and boy have I learned a lot along the way. The best part of writing a blog are all the friends you meet. Now in case you were wondering, yes, I do need a Read More Here ….