Thrift Store Quick-Over Using Wax Paper Transfer & Chalk Paint

I promised in my last post to show how I do the wax paper transfer method onto wood. There are many tutorials out there but this is my method that works for me.

I found this tablet/book holder at the thrift store. You can find tutorials on the internet for making these and using a Scrabble tile holder as the ledge. Someone made this one and it was okay but my name is not Becca. LOL! I apologize if there is a Becca out there that needed this.


The lettering had been made with vinyl letters most likely from a Cricut or Silhouette. So I just got out my trusty Makita orbital sander and sanded those off! Speaking briefly here, this is my 3rd Makita orbital sander. I have worn out 2 and bought a 3rd one which is just a tad updated from the last two. I find this orbital sander to do a great job and the price is right. The motors still work on the other ones but I used them for 12+ years. The part that wore out is the “grippy part”, new technical word for your vocabulary there! I know you can replace those parts but when you are in a middle of a project and your sanding disc is flying through the air like a flying saucer, you do what you need to do – head off to the nearest store and buy a new orbital sander.

Here is the sanded holder.


Now being a tad lazy in a hurry, I just lightly sanded the tile holder with a sanding sponge. I was disappointed to find that the main piece was not a cutting board as I had hoped but a piece of MDF. Boo! Oh well, still a nice holder to do a quick-over. Now if you are new to my blog – read here to find out what a quick-over means.

I got out my Rustoleum Chalked Paint in “Vintage Ivory”. I painted two coats since it was MDF. Then I was ready to put on an image.

I went to The Graphics Fairy Website and chose this French Stationery transfer.

Step 1: Take a piece of card stock or something similar. Cut a piece of wax paper larger than your 8 1/2″ x 11″ card stock.


Step 2: Lay the card stock on top of the wax paper. Then trim to about 1″ all around. After that tape to the card stock like you would wrapping a gift. Now you notice I did not trim neatly or make it 1″ all away around! LOL! You just need to make sure you can secure it so it doesn’t hang up in your printer. You will see in the second photo that I secured it snuggly so there were no wrinkles.



Step 3: Choose your desired graphic. There are thousands at The Graphics Fairy. Now this is the most important step of all! Make sure you print it backwards. On my printer I can choose under layout to flip horizontally. That is the correct setting you want. I use an inkjet HP printer.

Step 4Now when it comes out of the printer, do not touch the graphic as the ink will smear. I carefully cut around the image so that I have it without the backing. I can use the card stock over and over by just replacing the wax paper.waxtransfer4

Step 5: Now very very carefully position it on the wood or other material you want to transfer the image. I find if I tape it, that it works better for me.


Step 6: This step takes a very “fancy tool”. I use a used credit card or gift card! You have to rub each part of the graphic to get the ink to come off the wax paper onto the wood or whatever you are transferring to. I do smear portions at times.

Here it is right after I transferred the image. Now don’t think about putting on a finish yet! I go and get one of my poly or lacquer clear sprays. You need to set the image before brushing a finish on or waxing over this transfer. This time I used Deft Clear Wood Finish in Satin. I have used other ones, just depending on what I grab from the shelf. You could even wax it instead of a finish if you have used some kind of spray on it to protect it first. I only spray the graphic section. If you do not seal it with some kind of spray your graphic will smear!


When this is dry, you can do any distressing on the wood if you so desire. I then used Rustoleum Chalked Protective Coat in Matte Clear. I love the satiny finish. Disclaimer here: I am not paid for any opinions of products that I share. I just like to tell you what works for me.





I like these types of holders. You can use it for books or tablets. It would work in your kitchen, office, dorm room, etc. I hope you can find a thrift store treasure to do a “Quick-Over” on.

Thank you for taking the time to read this far! I really appreciate it and love to read comments.

Wishing each of you a great journey in your hunt for vintage items and make sure to have fun along the way! Remember you are making memories!

Wishing you many blessings in 2016,

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