Time for a Quick-Over and Goodwill Finds

Yesterday I posted 6 quick and easy gift ideas. Today I want to show you a Quick-Over, something that can be changed quickly and easily.

I have been admiring the snow globes all over Pinterest and the blog world. I plan on making one with a gumball machine. I had visions of how it would look as I lay awake planning it. LOL! Well we had time for a quick trip to Goodwill over the weekend and I was still dreaming about a gumball machine. I went down an aisle and spied a battery-operated lantern. I wanted to jump up and down as I envisioned it a snow globe! I was so excited that it is surprising it didn’t go flying out of my hands. I said to Mr. Deanie, look what I found! He looked like huh, what would you want that for. I said it is going to be a snow globe! Mr. Deanie said that probably won’t hold water. I said no silly, it won’t have water. But snow globes have water. I said look on pinterest, they are making them without liquid! And guess what?? It is half-price! Just $1.49!! So I happily put it in the cart. I said, just you wait until you see it finished. He just nodded. Mr. Deanie does that some times.

Here is the before. You are probably thinking that Mr. Deanie was right. What! Well look at the next photos for the Quick-Over of this lantern.

I love the way it turned out. First I cut a piece of cardboard to fit where the light bulb goes. Then I used spray adhesive and sprinkled glue on it. Next I used hot glue to keep the cardboard in place. I then hot glued the deer and bottle brush trees in place. I used a mixture of white glitter and epsom salts for the snow. That’s it! Easy Quick-Over! I think it is great for a woodsy Christmas theme. What do you think?

I found a few other things at Goodwill.

I liked this wooden crate. When I got it home I found it had a break in one of
the boards. BOO! So I am not sure what I will do yet. I might just replace the board.

I liked the graphics. This isn’t vintage but I thought it was pretty cool.

McCoy Old Oaken Bucket Cookie Jar

Another house to makeover. The reindeer has a chipped
ear but I think when I add the glitter it won’t really show.

A pair of these old green hard plastic candleholders. I am not sure the age but I estimate 50+ years. This is the second set I have found. They are marked made in USA. If you know anything about them please let me know in the comments.