Vintage Junk Treasures #26

Welcome back to another edition of vintage junk treasures. Two weeks ago we spent the weekend on the Oregon coast and went to 2 estate sales. We found some good stuff which I want to share with you today. Mr. Deanie again gets a lot of credit as he went to one of them before I got up and bought a bunch of cool stuff.

Mr. Deanie bought the 2 light meters, barometer set and camera. The previous owner must have been an avid crafter, photographer and golfer. There were so many photography related items including lots of lenses.

A Polaroid camera with film inside, a range finder and a movie camera. These would make good props or decor pieces.

Two old Griswold film splicers. I will clean them up before I sell them.

This is a Kodaslide Projector. It is really neat looking and has its original instruction manual. It was made from 1939 to 1947. You slid a slide in and when you slid the next one in it pushed out the one you had watched. I don’t think it would have been very fast to watch slides. It was the most compact projector made at the time and originally sold for $18.50 which would have been a lot of money in 1937. It would have been like spending $319.04 in today’s market.

A vintage cribbage board in box complete with instructions. A desk calendar.

If you know what these are, you may be dating yourself! LOL! They are vintage car speakers that hung on your window when you were at the drive-in movies. They need cleaning as the salt air at the coast is hard on the metal.








A Bakelite poker chip caddy.

A nice Hollywood regency style wastebasket, a vintage Hush Puppy shoe brush/shoehorn and a great old projection light bulb in box. I like the graphics. They had other ones but they had put tape on the boxes and it took off the finish. I wish people wouldn’t do that!

Fidelitone Recording wire and if you look at the reel you will see the wire which is about the width of a human hair.

Old boxes are something I am always drawn to. Here is a Hygieia Chalk box. It says 95% levigated chalk – is blackboard insurance.  I had to look that up to see what it meant! It is a very smooth chalk that is 95% calcium carbonate. The book Peggy’s Pokey is from 1940 and the illustrations are adorable!












Fact and Story Readers Primer is from 1930 and Bobbs Merrill Primer is from 1929. I love old children’s books. The illustrations are so sweet.










The last thing is my favorite thing of the weekend but it wasn’t for sale. I would probably have bought it if it was. It is reminiscent of the trailer from the 1954 movie, The Long Long Trailer starring Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. It is my favorite movie and if you haven’t seen it, you should. I could imagine myself doing a lot of the screwball things she does in the movie!













Wishing each of you a great journey in your hunt for your own vintage junk treasures and make sure to have fun along the way! Remember you are making memories!

Wishing you many blessings in 2017.


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From the 1930 primer.