Vintage Junk Treasures #29 & $1.00 Finds Can Be Dangerous

Welcome back to another edition of vintage junk treasures. It has been an interesting week, but more about that later. Hopefully you can get comfortable and enjoy our recent vintage junk treasures.

We went to a sale three times a week ago. They have had sales of their junk treasures in the past and I always find lots of great items. Here is some of the finds above. A wonderful metal cart that will be repainted. Notice those 2 long rulers! I love them and wasn’t sure what they were used for. They are 6 feet long. One is going to become a measure on the wall for watching my grands growth. I love them and after research found out they were wallpaper rulers. More about the finds in a minute.

Unfortunately that is also what started my horrible week. There was a paddle ball set that our dear granddaughter wanted, so Mr. Deanie, being a great papa, bought it for her for $1.00.

Who would have ever guessed that that $1.00 item would land me in the ER. Well, if you know me very well, you would have guessed. If you read my about page you will see that I am similar to I Love Lucy doing garage sales and daily life. In other words, I admit I am a total klutz! The infamous paddle ball set was purchased from this sale on Friday. The grands spent the night and in the morning dear Miss H wanted to play paddle ball with me.

Well I admit that I did not have the proper shoes to be playing ball on the blacktop/gravel. Miss H also did not have the proper shoes (Crocs for her and Birkenstocks for me). I think you might get the picture. Our dear son-in-law, daughter and Mr. Deanie were watching us play. We were actually getting it going back and forth pretty good so I didn’t want to miss it.

Our son-in-law said to the others, who do you think will get hurt first? I didn’t know he had said it at the time. Unfortunately for Miss H. she also inherited my clumsiness. I ran backwards to get the ball and somehow flying through the air I landed on my right side and tore up my knee, hand and elbow. Well, I wasn’t too worried but I couldn’t really get up. So they helped me up and since dear daughter is a paramedic, she assessed the situation. According to the pro, I had to go to the Urgent Care as my elbow was possibly broken and in bad shape.

Well I spent a long time at the Urgent Care getting my wounds cleaned and x-rayed. Good news was that I didn’t have any breaks. Bad news is that my elbow couldn’t be stitched and has a very deep wound. So according to the Dr. I am going to have a wicked scar and it is going to take quite a while to heal. My arm was so sore that I didn’t even get on the computer this last week. But I am starting to heal some so that is the good news.

Now to the vintage junk treasures we purchased. These scales are awesome! I showed you one last summer and I now have it in my kitchen. Also 2 1920s roller cutters for dough!













This scale is in my kitchen and it was as rusty as those I just found. I could probably do a little more work on it but I am happy with it right now. I simply took a green scrubby and some steel wool to get off the loose flakes of rust. Then I took Howard Feed-n-Wax and went over it. I think it turned out pretty good. If you have never used Howard’s it is great on furniture.

A vintage tractor funnel that would make a wonderful pendant light. Hmmm??

This blue tool box actually came out of the old milk house on the farm I grew up on. My mom still lives there and I found it the other day. I want to redo it and use it.

A closer look at the wallpaper rulers. They have brass edges and are so great!

I love old boxes and the Corned Beef ones always sell well. The bottom box is all metal and wood and is dated 1953 from Creamland Dairy. I think this box would look great stained a darker color.

Now I have a somewhat funny story about these jars. They are 1/2 gallon size and all have glass lids and metal bails. I hardly ever see these sizes and most are marked 1908. I had seen these on Friday at the sale but didn’t buy them. So I told my daughter after our long visit to the Urgent Care that I would like to go back and buy these jars as the price was great. So on the way home we stopped plus who knew what other junk treasures we might find! The people looked at me and said what happened to you?? I had seen them twice the day before and I wasn’t bandaged then. My knee was wrapped, my hand was wrapped and so was my elbow. I wished I could think of a good story and was trying to think of scenarios. Maybe I got hurt on a motorcycle, a skateboard, climbing a mountain, biking, bull riding, there were so many possibilities. But being an honest believer I told the truth. I say to the people, remember the paddle ball set you sold us yesterday? Yes, they answered and then you could see the truth dawning on their faces, that’s what happened! Yes, I sheepishly say and they were almost willing to refund my $1.00. No, thank you, I will be fine.











An old quadruple silver-plated tea set. Isn’t the design sweet?


Four vintage tins and a Tootsie toy truck. I love the patina on the tins and the truck.

We bought some great furniture pieces and then this typewriter. It is a 1959 Royal Heritage typewriter and works great. I like the color with the turquoise name. It had its original booklet.

If you have read this far, thank you so much! Wishing you great adventures in finding your own vintage junk treasures. Don’t forget to make memories along the way and look out for the $1.00 finds! They can be dangerous. LOL!






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