Vintage Junk Treasures #36

Welcome back to another edition of vintage junk treasures. This is where we show what we have found and purchased recently. Now some of the items may be junk to some but treasures to others. So sit back and enjoy the junk treasures we found while we were camping. (We snuck off to a couple of estate sales.)

Unbelievable, we found another Tam O’ Shanter jug! We also found a vintage flashlight and an awesome Craftsman Sprinkler. The sprinkler may be a keeper. I did some research and this seems to be a hard-to-find sprinkler so I am thinking it is from the 1950s. The Packer is part of something I forgot to photograph so I will show it in its entirety next time.

These are glass baby bottles that have never been used. There is also a package of baby bottle nipples. Baby shoes with bells are so cute!

A vintage Nabisco Christmas cookie tin and a vintage electric candle. This tin shows the family going to Grandma’s house. The bottom has the old Nabisco logo from 1941 through the 40s.

This logo was first used in 1941.

Vintage Christmas tags still in the original boxes, a vintage Christmas tags envelope and a “putz” house. These all bring back memories of childhood Christmases.

The six little cookie cutters are: a lion, a rabbit, a cat, a chicken, a dog and a horse. The gingerbread aluminum cookie cutter with wire handle is unusual. I have a few of these but I don’t know the age of them. If anyone knows, please leave me a comment. The red plastic cookie cutter is of a cowboy. You would receive these six little cookie cutters and a small cookie sheet when you sent 3 labels from Brer Rabbit Molasses in 1929 and into the 1930s.

I am not sure why, but I am attracted to colorful buckles. Now these buckles are probably junk treasures to some but I love the shapes and colors. There is also some vintage buttons, snaps and flexible wire for restringing pearls or heavy beads. I love the graphics on old packaging.

Theses 3 vintage patterns are from the 1930s , two vintage cards of buttons and vintage Rick Rack.










This is a knitting book to make clothes for Fashion Model dolls, such as Barbie or others that size. This was published in the 1960s and any little girl would have loved them.











This birdcage is completely made of metal/wire except for the glass waterer and wooden swings. It is such a nice one. I love the green trim!

Now Mr. Deanie are not in agreement on this vintage junk treasure. I think it is the inner cylinder of an ice cream maker and he thinks it is a jug/cooler. What do you think?

A porcelain Neti pot, another Swing Spout Oil Can, a green handle melon baller, a red handle cookie cutter and a green handle egg beater.

This oil can or gas can is dated 1918. The spout can be turned straight down when filling something.

An old bell like for a doorbell, a vintage Prang Water Colors (we used these water colors exclusively in grade school per our teachers) and 2 vintage Knickerbocker dart guns.


I am excited to read this book – Lee’s Priceless Recipes – 3000 Secrets for the Home, Farm, etc. These are not cooking recipes except for a few but home help like how to make varnish, etc.

I found 2 of these receipt books and was fascinated by them. They show how many pounds per bushel you would have of different items. For example a bushel of coal is 80 pounds and a bushel of corn on the cob is 70 pounds. Just another one of the vintage junk treasures which I really enjoy.

This is not a reproduction but an actual vintage sign. I have a feeling it will end up somewhere on the farm. The other side says Fire Speed 15 mph.

Another actual road sign which I know we will use on the farm. I think everyone needs a speed zone sign. LOL!

A vintage yellow metal cart in great condition. Mr. Deanie found this bunch of trays with matching mugs and another bunch of trays that are Texas Ware. All these items were found in one place for a super price.

I have left the best junk treasure for last. It is something that I have wanted for a long time and finally found in the “wild” and not at an antique shop. I did spot one at a thrift store once but it was expensive. A folding cloth and metal shopping basket.

This is going to be my basket to take to garage and estate sales. It folds up nicely – umm – I see I didn’t fold it nicely. It is in pretty good condition.

Wishing each of you a great journey in your hunt for vintage junk treasures and make sure to have fun along the way! Remember you are making memories!

Wishing you many blessings in 2017.



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