Why I Ditched Electronics For a Planner and Became More Organized

Why I Dumped Electronics for Pen & Paper

In today’s age so many people rely on their smart phone, tablet or computer. Now I am not immune to using these either as I cannot live without my smart phone, iPad or laptop. So for the last few years I have tried keeping a calendar and to do list on my phone which synched with my other devices. I was more unorganized than ever! I never remembered what was on my schedule and it was very frustrating when our daughter would say but I texted you the date to pick up the grands.  So this year in keeping with my word organization – I will show you how I became more organized using a paper planner.

Turn back the clock to a day before I had a home computer. I used pen and paper to write down things. In the 1980s, DayRunner came out with some great planners and I was super happy to jump on board. I carried that thing around with me and wrote down everything. I was more organized. I knew where addresses and to do lists were at any given time. Everything was in one place and I knew where to find notes I had written, ideas, etc.

Now fast forward 10 years to ditching the planner and trying electronic tracking. Ugh! I started writing/scribbling notes on lose file cards, in spiral notebooks, on paper attached to a clipboard. You get the idea, papers and things all over but not in one organized place. I would jot down an appointment and forget to put it on my smart phone’s calendar.  So I had boxes, baskets, etc. of jotted down notes. I would be digging through baskets of stuff all over the house to find a note I jotted down. I was not organized. Now some of you will probably say, well just put it all in your smartphone. Yes, easier said than done. I tried but I would forget to look at it. 

This last year I made a decision to go back to a paper and pen planner. Wow! I forgot how great it was to have everything in front of me at one time. So for the next few posts, I am going to write about my take on planners. There is a plethora of posts about planners on the internet but some of it is pretty daunting. There are posts about making your planner beautiful and artistic. I am going to give you the nuts and bolts of having a thrifty planner. Yes, it is true, you can have a wonderful planner on a budget, a very tiny budget. Hint: think thrift stores.

At my house, I use two planners. One is my personal planner and one is my blogging planner. In future posts, I will show you what I have done with each one.

There have been many studies done and it has been found that using a computer/typewriter is much neater and quicker for putting down information but when you write it out in pen or pencil you tend to remember what you wrote. It has something to do with the hand movement/brain connection. You can read more here. That is why I ditched my electronic planning for a pen and paper planner. 

My blogging planner has really helped me plan posts that I want to write, helped me keep track of the link parties that I join and a great place to jot down ideas for posts. I will be sharing about my blog planner in the very near future.

I love this Dr. Seuss quote: “And will you succeed? Yes indeed, yes indeed! Ninety-eight and three-quarters percent guaranteed!”

This is my personal planner and I love it. I will share the components and how you can have one on a budget. But for now here are a few sneak peeks of my personal planner.



The next post will be creating a thrifty planner on any budget. Yes, any budget is what I said. Stay tuned. Also this week I will be sharing an estate sale item made into an organizing item for my sewing room/office. Please come back and see what Mr. Deanie made me from this estate sale find.

Thank you for taking the time to read this far! I really appreciate it and love to read comments.

Wishing each of you a great journey in your hunt for vintage items and make sure to have fun along the way! Remember you are making memories!

Wishing you many blessings in 2017.


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